Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing refers to the practice of setting prices for goods and services sold between related companies within a multinational enterprise. The aim is to ensure that transactions between related companies are conducted at arm’s length, meaning the price should be similar to what would be charged to an unrelated third party. This is important to avoid tax evasion and ensure fair taxation across borders.


Fair value for cross-border transactions.

This is important for tax purposes, as it helps to prevent tax evasion and ensure that companies are paying the appropriate amount of tax in each country where they operate. Transfer pricing is a complex area that requires expertise in tax law, accounting, and economics.

Our Transfer Pricing can help you with a range of areas such as

Our transfer pricing services can assist you with areas such as compliance, documentation, planning, dispute resolution, and risk assessment to help you ensure fair taxation across borders.

Compliance with local regulations and tax laws




Documentation of transfer pricing policies and procedures


Preparation of transfer pricing reports and analysis




Risk assessment and management of transfer pricing issues

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